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The repercussions of utilizing a Realtor that doesn't understand the ins and outs of your loan can cost you thousands of dollars, cause you to miss important timelines, etc. To accomplish this task, and to ensure this does not happen to you, we lean on our extensive knowledge of VA loans and our team's extensive recruiting background. We locate, contact and interview agents that are co-located with where you're looking to purchase.

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Our service is 100% free of charge.

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As a, "thank you", for your service to our country, we provide money towards your closing costs.

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We find, interview, and connect you with the perfect agent, specific to your needs and goals.

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Partnering with the right Realtor and Mortgage Professional is crucial to a successful purchase or sale of a home. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the VA home loan, we are able to take the guess-work out of the process and ensure a smooth transaction.


My name is Matthew Clanton. I am a career Marine Corps veteran with multiple combat tours to Fallujah, Iraq. After being stationed in all corners of this country and dragging my family from duty station to duty station, I realized the most common friction point was locating a Realtor and Mortgage professional who made purchasing a home an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Due to this realization, I spent the last few years of my military career as a real estate agent and focused on educating VA buyers on their entitlement. I have since distinguished myself as a prominent VA Realtor in Southern California, and have counseled hundreds of service members and veterans on maximizing the benefits of their VA home loans all over the country.

Unfortunately, this pain point did not only affect me when I was on active duty, it has proven to be an issue even after transitioning to the civilian sector as well. I hear horror stories from clients on a daily basis about less than desirable previous encounters with agents. In response to this inadequacy in the real estate industry, I decided to make it my mission to assist you, free of charge, by vetting and selecting the best real estate agent for your needs. I will ensure you are taken care of in a way that exemplifies the meaning of, "brotherhood".

Project Valor is here to serve.

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